Photovoltaic Solar Panel TR-1200

A photovoltaic or a PV system as an array of components aims to deliver the electric power by harnessing the energy from the sun or other light sources. This one is a huge and efficient one.

230x394x1029 in feet

This photovoltaic or solar array is made up of several photovoltaic modules, informally called solar panels. These panels absorb the sunlight and convert it into Direct Current (DC) electricity. This one is for commercial power supply featuring PV modules, two DC to inverters, a maximum power point tracker, GPS solar tracker, battery system and charger, solar concentrators, renewable energy credit revenue-grade meter, energy management software, and solar irradiance sensors.

Type: Branded Maxeon Cell

Wattage: 5 – 600 watts

Best for grid and off grid plants

Output Power Warranty: Minimum 95% at the end of 10 Years & Minimum 85% at the end of 25 years

Energy Production: 80%% more over 25 years

8500 pounds

We plan, design prototype, and make every solar panel!

All our models and solutions are as the rigorous standards set by the national government in terms of performance and dependability. Thus, with us, you are assured of lasting, top-quality solar panels for farms, irrigation, and other agricultural and even industrial purposes.

Our solutions are unique and comprehensive. This solar panel is designed to prove the same!

This solar panel is one of our masterpieces and is a part of our top-of-the-line portfolio. With matchless aesthetics, permanent reliability, and top-notch performance in terms of safety and output power, this panel is worth considering for lasting green farmlands.

  • Maximum energy despite consuming less space with 44% more power per panel, meaning more power and less panels
  • Maximum electricity than the traditional panels
  • Flexibility at its peak with addition of more panels at any time
  • Robust copper build for peace of mind

Transparent and toughened glass, reinforced aluminum frame, function-boosting polymer sheet, durability-supporting back material make this panel a state-of-the-art piece to consider.